It's Alright!

Listen to the words and dance your troubles away!

It's Alright!

Always by Jason Champion

Let me tell you something

Dont you worry about a thing tonight

I promise you that everything is gonna be alright

Hold your head up high

Look up to the sky

Everything is gonna be "Alright"

He's everything that you'll ever need "Alright"

Just when you think it and it's gonna be "Alright"

Just call his name and you'll see what I mean "Alright"

Because HE loves you unconditionally

Forever, he loved you always

Don't worry he'll be there always

And just because you've had yourself a couple bad days

Dont mean its gonna be this way always

No matter what you're going through

And then you dont know what to do

Don't turn and run awayFall on your knees and pray

Remember that he's witcha

Forever forever

Forever forever

Forever forever

Forever forever

Start your day not only on a positive note, but on a spiritual note. A note of love, peace, and joy.
Our attitude determines our behavior, so let's allow our mind to lead us through a day full of things that will bring God glory. Our walk, our talk, and our thoughts can be controlled. Choose to think on things that are beneficial and fulfilling to your mind, body, and soul.