Just a Reminder...Put Yourself in Time-Out

Motherhood is a job that never stops. Even when a mother goes to bed, we are on call for unexpected cries and calls from little voices. Sometimes we work overtime in the middle of the night to simply check on everyone as they sleep.

It seems that every job in America gets a break and has a set quitting time except the job of a Mother! It's so important for mothers to set their own schedule. We do a great job keeping everyone else on schedule, but we forget about ourselves. This is your reminder!

The entire home will benefit if you schedule a time out for yourself.

Schedule a morning, afternoon, or evening off and do something YOU enjoy!

Scrapbook, read, journal, exercise, paint, watch t.v., nap, etc... You'll be glad you did.

Is your home your little haven on Earth? Is it an oasis of peace? Is it a happy home?

What makes a peaceful home?

A Positive Attitude
Medicinal Music
A Joyful Heart
A Mother with a peaceful spirit

You are the beginning of peace in your home. Have you set the tone for your home?